The benefits of your own transport without the investment in your own staff and your own rolling stock.

Do you organise your own transport? Are you considering to outsource these services, or just part of them? Get acquainted with Dedicated Delivery: A complete service concept for national distribution transportation of fragile and high value products.

Our added value

The benefits of your own transport without the investment in your own staff and your own rolling stock, but with the preservation of your identity and the control in respect to the performance of the service . That is what dedicated delivery stands for.

Custom tailored delivery

Dedicated delivery goes much further than just delivering your cargo up to the front door. It begins where traditional transportation ends. What are the necessary requirements of your customer to process your goods as quickly as possible? Based on pre-set agreements, our drivers will deliver your products at the conveyor belt of your customer, in the shop, or any other agreed location. Our trucks are fully equipped with the proper tools to meet your expectations.

Hands-on service

Checking whether the cargo is in good condition. Double checking the quantities of the cargo. For the drivers of Van der Linden this is standard procedure. Are more checks required, or some assembly for your customer?
Should this be the case, then you can count on the drivers of Van der Linden. Dedicated Delivery stands for Hands-on Service during transport and delivery. Actually, our drivers are your employees!

Transport in your corporate identity

Your own flexible transport & distribution concept with Van der Linden? At first glance there is no difference. We transport your products with our trucks in your own corporate identity. In this way your visibility on the road will be preserved. Our drivers will wear your recognizable working outfits, with your company name and your company logo.

Benefits of Dedicated Delivery

With Van der Linden it is all about your wishes

Your corporate identity retained; our Staff will represent your company.
Truck and staff in your colours
Uw lading op de gewenste tijd op de gewenste plaats
Your cargo at the right time at the right place
Flexibility when we are talking volume
No investments in own staff of rolling stock
Focus on cost control; also a saving in your overhead costs.


On a regular basis you will receive a report with KPI’s related to the transport services we perform for you. What was the budget and what are the actuals? Accuracy up to the item level. Budget, actuals, quality, KPI’s; your cost price calculations and strategy meetings will become much easier with our regular dashboards

Insight into the costs

Transportation is and will remain an important cost item. Are you stepping over to Dedicated Distribution? We will closely monitor the costs we will make for you and you will have full insight in this information.


Transportation and delivery are important and costly logistical processes. You do not outsource work in this area to anybody. For this you need trust. 
Within Van der Linden trust is one of the most important key-values.

Are you interested what Dedicated Distribution could mean for your Company?


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